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Virtual care can be a more convenient and cheaper solution to help your kids still get the therapy they need. Practitioners signed up to this platform offer a variety of online sessions, which give you the chance to be fully involved and also receive hands-on coaching, allowing you to maintain skills between sessions.

Easy To Use

Simple interface to quickly find and book practitioners, receive auto reminders and pay-per-session online.


Parents can book (video, text, phone, in-person) with providers based on their real-time availability.


Access to: Behaviour Therapy/Analysis, Speech Therapy, Psychology, Occupational Therapy, Nutrition...


Healthcare security compliant video conferencing, instant messaging, and file sharing.


Patient information is set up once, no need to fill out forms for different therapists.

Bilingual Tech Support

Parents and therapists have access to online technical support 24/7 in French and English.

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